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The Bucket List

The Biggies

1.   Find the love of my life (tweet this)
2.   Marry and have children (tweet this)
3.   Witness and be present at significant moments of my child’s life            (tweet this)
4.   Create a home with an inviting, comfortable, loving atmosphere          (tweet this)
5.   Live long enough to meet my grandchildren  (tweet this)
6.   Make a difference in at least one person’s life  (tweet this)
7.   Meet Emma Stone  (tweet this)

The Need to Go Heres

1.   Visit the moon (tweet this)
2.   Visit All the National Parks  (tweet this)
3.   Visit All 50 States  (tweet this)
4.   Visit Ground Zero  (tweet this)
5.   Visit Every Continent   (tweet this)
6.   Visit The Great Wall of China  (tweet this)
7.   Swim in The Great Barrier Reef  (tweet this)
8.   See the Heads on Easter Island   (tweet this)
9.   Visit Vatican City  (tweet this)
10.   Climb Ayers Rock  (tweet this)
11.   Visit The Eiffel Tower
12.   Visit Stonehenge
13.   Tour Auschwitz
14.   Explore Dubai
15.   Visit The Taj Mahal
16.   Stay in a Tee-pee Motel
17.   Stay at Montana Magica Lodge
18.   Swim in the world’s largest pool
19.   Visit the Dome of the Rock
20.   Visit the hill from the opening scene from The Sound of Music
21.   Explore catacombs of Paris
22.   Visit Anne Frank’s house
23.   Go to the tree tunnel in Ballynoe
24.   See the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
25.   Visit Salar de Uyuni during the rainy season
26.   Stand on Kjeragbolten Rock
27.   Go to the Natural History Museum in London
28.   Visit the Irish Sky Garden
29.   Visit the Beachy Head Chalk Cliff
30.   See the Hell Hole in the Karakum Desert
31.   See the Glory Hole at Monticello Dam
32.   Visit Hana, Hawaii
33. Visit the Palace of Brunei
34. See Christ the Redeemer in Brazil
35. See the Space Needle in Seattle
36. Visit the Duomo in Florence
37. Visit Hohenzollern Castle
38. Visit the Blue Domed Church
39. Visit Teotihuacan in Mexico
40. Visit Mount Rushmore
41. Go to the Statue of Liberty

The Things To Do

1.   Circumnavigate the globe
2.   Fly in a blimp
3.   Fly in a hot air balloon
4.   Fly a glider
5.   Dive in a submarine
6.   Attend the Olympics
7.   Drive the Autobahn
8.   Hike the Appalachian Trail
10.    Ride every roller coaster at Cedar Point
11.   Take Place in a sky lantern festival
12.   Play Quidditch
13.   Ride Insanity at Las Vegas
14.   Ride X-Scream at Las Vegas
15.   Have my photo taken at Platform 9 3/4
16.   Witness Total Solar Eclipse
17.   Ride in a Zorb Ball
18.   See a Cirque de Soleil show
19.   Hike Machu Picchu
20.   Swim in the Bioluminescent Bay of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico at night
21.   Visit a Glow Worm Cave
22.   Ride 100 different roller coasters
23.   Eat a hotdog at Coney Island
24.   Jump in a taxi and yell, “Follow that car!” in NYC
25.   See opera in Sydney
26.   Ride a gondola in Venice while wearing a mask
27.   Kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge Of Sighs
28.   Explore a real castle
29.   Spend a night at the Ice Hotel in Quebec
30.   Swim in the Great Blue Hole>
31.   Swim in Infinity Pool (Marina Bay Sands), Singapore
32.   Attend baseball game at Fenway Park
33.   Climb Half Dome
34.   Swim in the Blue Grotto
35.   Drive the Pacific Coast Highway in a Convertible
36.   Swim Under the Waterfalls at Plitvice
37.   Swim in Devil’s Pool
38.   Hike the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim
39.   Witness a Meteor Shower in the desert
40.   Watch Old Faithful Erupt
41.    Watch Blue Man Group Live
42.   Take a canopy tour
43.   Ride the world’s largest ferris wheels
44.   Go Jetleving
45.   Meet Taylor Swift and/or Carrie Underwood
46.   Drive on Roller Coaster Highway
47.   Eat at the Heart Attack Grill
48.   Eat in a railcar diner
49.   Enter the Cage of Death
50.   Walk through the Japanese Tunnel of Lights
51.   Visit the Titanic in a submarine
52.   Complete a 5/5 star geocache
53.   Go Kloofing
54.   See Coldplay in concert
55.   Hike the Tongariro Northern Circuit
56.   Hike the Annapurna Circuit
57.   Hike the Inca Trail
58.   Hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge
59.   Hike the Kalalau Trail
60.   Hike the Torres del Paine Circuit
61.   Hike Tour de Mont Blanc
62.   Hike the West Coast Trail
63.   Walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge
64.   Swim in the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve
65.   Walk across the Mississippi River
66.   Climb down Abseil Gaping-Ghyll’s Main Shaft
67.   Attend the Oberammergau Passion Play
68.   Swim with Blue Whales
69.   Ride in a plane
70.   Jump out of a plane
71.   Swim in Ik Kil, Mexico
72.   Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
73. Swim in every ocean
74. Climb a volcano
75. Walk with wolves
76. Participate in Tomatina
77. Participate in the Running of the Bulls
78. Go to Bonarroo
79. Go to SxSw
80. Go to Carnival (Brazil)
81. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad across Russia
82. Go on an African Safari
83. Climb Table Mountain in South Africa
84. Snowboard at Ski Dubai
85. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
86. Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland
87. Stay in a Bungalow in Bora Bora
88. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix
89. Hike through the Dolomites
90. Walk to the top of the Eiffel Tower
91. Dance all night on the island of Ibiza
92. Participate in a Capoeira roda in Brazil

A Little of This and That

1.   Read the Bible from cover to cover
2.   Write a book
3.   Correspond with National Geographic
4.   Publish a REAL article in National Geographic Magazine
5.   Get Scuba Certified
6.   Play the Bagpipes
7.   Buy a cup of coffee for a cold Salvation Army Bell Ringer
8.   Learn to Drive Stick Shift
9.   Learn Sign Language
10.   Feed a giraffe
11.   See Halley’s Comet
12.   Be an extra in a Hollywood Film
13.   Bowl a Turkey
14.   Watch the AFI 100 Greatest Movies of all Time
15.   Find a four leaf clover
16.  Write something in wet cement
17.   Attend a Renaissance festival
18.   See a double rainbow
19.   Kiss on the top of a ferris wheel
20.   Have a star named after me
21.   Send a message in a bottle
22.   Learn how to fold origami
23.   Be part of a flash mob
24.   Go to a drive in movie
25.   Send a care-package to a soldier
26.   Ride a double decker bus
27.   Solve a rubix cube
28.   Owning and Reading Every Single Stephen King Novel
29.   Climb the 50 State Highpoints
30.   Go to Walden Pond and Read Thoreau While Drifting in a Canoe
31.   See a Broadway Show
32.   Be a Contestant on a Gameshow
33.   Drive a Zamboni
34.   Donate Blood
35.   Learn Morse Code
36.   Taste 200 Fruits
37.   Learn How to do a Wall Flip
38.   Shake hands with a President
39.   Claim an Undiscovered Island
40.   Own my Own Number
41.   Memorize 180 digits of Pi
42.   Break a World Record
43.   Sponsor a Child
44.   Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
45.   Put change into someone’s expired meter
46.   Pay a bridge toll for the person behind me
47.   Drink milk from a fresh coconut
48.   Eat at a 5 Star Restaurant
49.   Contact someone with my own name (if you know an Evan Nickel let me know!)
50.   Meet my Doppelganger
51.   Watch a rocket launch live
52.   Cut the ribbon at a major opening
53.   Have my name appear on Wikipedia
54.   Go to T.G.I. Friday’s on Friday
55.   Have a staring contest with Chuck Norris
56.   Participate in Jury Duty
57.   Watch a movie while being served a meal at a theater
58.   Win Trivia Night
59.   Learn how to jump on a pogo stick
60.   Drink Butterbeer
61.   Take up Gourmet Cooking
62.   Spend the entire day blind
63.   Spend a night in a haunted place
64. Learn parkour and make an awesome montage video
65. Do a Planche pushup
66. Go slacklining
67. Do a cross country road trip and make a film about it
68. Fly a Flyboard water hoverboard
69. Start my own company
70. Be a guest on a prime time talk show
71. Become proficient at Krav Maga
72. Create and keep a WTSHTF bag ready
73. Play “Piano Man” on a piano in a public place and have everyone sing along by the end
74. Learn to play “Concerning Hobbits” on the violin
75. Pay off all my student loans
76. Buy coffee at the very first Starbucks
77. Learn to use chopsticks
78. Spy on someone while wearing a disguise
79. Walk on fire
80. Attend a luau
81. Touch a moon rock
82. Heli-ski
83. Attend a TED Conference
84. Speak at a TED Conference
85. Take my dad to eat real Kobe beef
86. Star in a commercial
87. Kiss a celebrity
88. Go to a movie alone
89. Fly on a trapeze

The Animal Kingdom

1.   Ride a camel
2.   Ride an elephant
3.   Ride an ostrich
4.   Ride a bronco
5.   Dog Sled
6.   Hold a tarantula
7.   Feed a Koala Bear
8.   Horseback ride on a beach
9.   Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean
10.   Hug a sloth
11.   Look for Bigfoot
12.   Free Dive with giant sea turtles
13. High-five a penguin
14. Search for the Loch Ness
15. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
16. Ride in a horse drawn sleigh

The Battle to Look Good

1.   Run a 10k
2.   Complete a marathon
3.   Run Mile in Under 5 Minutes
4.   Perform 100 Pushups
5.   Perform 40 Pullups
6. Attempt the Ninja Warrior course in Japan

The Most Epic of Bucket Lists